The #1 thing to add to your Marketing Plan

Spoiler Alert, the number 1 thing to add to your marketing plan is closer than you think!  It’s human interaction. In a world where we live behind screens, it can be easy to fall behind the trap of closing ourselves up, especially if you are an online business.  Just because things like social media, digital ads, IGTV, Facebook Live and Pinterest play such a significant role in marketing, doesn’t mean that you should forget about the timeless way of building relationships, in person!

Once upon a time, even before the phone book existed, the ultimate way to be successful in sales and growing a business was door-to-door.  Services and products were both sold in this way, from milk and butter to makeup, vacuum cleaners, and landscaping services. During the era of door to door sales, is it a coincidence that women were the target shoppers?  Think about it, traditionally, men were the ones working and women were at home. Most salesmen worked during the day and their first interaction with a potential customer was with the woman of the house, while the man of the house would typically front the bill!

While you might be thinking to yourself, “yeah, but it’s not important anymore…things have changed…,” you may be right, but not 100%.  Human interaction is still just as important, and when you dig a little deeper, maybe even more so! A person or a business can appear as one thing online, but in reality, be something totally different.  Sometimes just the mere fact that you are local, can be the deciding factor when a potential client is looking to invest in a certain product or service.

When I started a marketing business years ago, it was because of my local market and because of my networking that I was able to get as many clients as I did in a short period of time.  Three months into my new business, and I was fully booked! Clients loved and appreciated that I was local. I knew the market and I knew marketing. It was a win-win!

I encourage you to get out of your bubble and add human interaction to your 2020 Marketing Plan and start building new relationships offline. I have listed some tips and links to get started below.

  • – For local networking events of all sizes.
  • – Same as, but you will find several other types of events there too.
  • Facebook Events – A simple search on Facebook for local business events is a great way to find opportunities.
  • – Get on Linkedin, make connections with local leaders there and grow your online (and local) network.
  • Your local Chamber of Commerce
  • Local Colleges – Check with them about speaking opportunities (even if they are unpaid).

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