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Have you heard of the phrase, “inbound marketing”? If not, it’s okay, I’ll break the meaning down to you briefly. In essence, it is the method in which an organic lead comes to know your business. The parts of your business that promote inbound marketing growth are content, content, and more content. Inbound marketing is not a quick fix, overnight thing, and it requires consistency, nurture, and ongoing attention to your website, social media, free content, blogs, etc.

Website Checklist from Ashleigh Peregoy
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While this method is centered around driving traffic that is organic (not paid ad driven), the checklist below is helpful regardless of if you’re using paid ads or not. Ensuring that the areas that I point out below are good to go will only increase your conversion as a whole, regardless of how a potential client initially finds your business. After you read through the checklist, I recommend printing out a PDF copy. Use that as a viable tool on your site and landing pages.

  1. Your Branding should be in tune with your ideal customer, as well as your niche. Consistency across all platforms is also key.
  2. Have a strong “Hook” on your homepage/landing page. Your hook line will instantly get the attention of your ideal client, spiking their interest into what it is you do.
  3. Formating your fonts correctly. Check to be sure your titles, headings and/or paragraphs are formatted the right way for search engines. The use of H1, H2, etc. have a purpose, and it’s important to understand the difference. This step is important because it’s how search engines, such as Google read your site. If they can’t read it, the search gods won’t be able to share it.
  4. Words are powerful, which means the copy on your website should be powerful. You have mere seconds to capture your visitor’s attention. Use a direct, but human-like tone to relate to your target audience. Mention their pain points, validate their pleasure points and entice them to want to dig deeper into how you can help.
  5. Include your picture on your homepage. This is especially important if you are a solo-entrepreneur. People like to work with other people. They like the security of knowing you’re a real person. I suggest having an image that is friendly, but professional and engaging to your audience. Pair your image with a quick blurb about yourself, and a powerful “why” statement around why you do what you do.
  6. A clear call to action is a must! Commonly this is a free opt-in you are promoting, as you should always be growing your email list. Other calls to action might include booking a call with you, signing up for your upcoming challenge, or joining your online community. Regardless of what the call the action is, you want to make it easy and as crystal clear as possible. I suggest calls to action being a box with a place holder for a name and an email address. Some like pop-ups, but to be perfectly transparent, I’m not a huge fan. Statistics say that pop-ups do have a good conversion rate, but before adding them to your site, or banning them for good, I’m a fan of testing things. Other things you might test are the text on a call to action, or even the button color (red tones appear to get more clicks over other colors by the way).
  7. You should have a logo, and it should be visible to your ideal client. I could have thrown this into the branding portion of this checklist, but I felt it needed its own category. A logo is something that can portray your type of business or niche with images. It can also serve as a visual that is easy to remember. What this does is builds up the awareness of you/your business much more quickly. That means that when they see your business/brand again in the future, they will have started to build that “know,” “like” and “trust” factor, and during the nurture or retarget phase, are more likely to make a purchase, book a call or take action in another way, with your business. If you don’t already a logo, I encourage you to either make one on or hire someone on Upwork, or
  8. Show off your testimonials! Maybe you only have a few reviews from past clients, but regardless, share them. This helps speed up the trust factor with a new potential client because it vets not only the quality of work or quality of the product that you deliver, but it also shows your dedication and that you are greatly appreciated and trusted by others as well.
  9. Having a blog is still a good way to build SEO and attract your ideal customer. Even in a day of podcasts, Youtube channels, and Tik Tok videos, blogs are valuable assets in your business. This kind of content is rich in SEO (search engine optimization), making it a key driver of organic traffic. The more your blog, the faster your SEO will increase, and the larger your audience and leads will be. If you want to know which platform is best for blogs and SEO, I highly suggest WordPress (more on that in #10).
  10. Add alt text to your images and optimize your pages for quality SEO. The alt text is part of the image(s) on your site that are not seen but are read by search engines, as well as social platforms. As you know, search engines can’t see your site the same way you or your visitors can. Their ability to read your site relies on how easy you have it for them to be read. That means that having your alt text be meaningful in how you want to be found is crucial. For example, if you have a picture of yourself in your office, your alt text might default to something very generic, or something similar to IMG_271. Instead of letting that remain, change the text to a phrase or keyword that solidifies you as an expert, or even your name or business name. Use words that you would want to show up for, when someone searches X, Y, Z. Quick tip on increasing the quality of your SEO: If you use WordPress, download the free plugin called, Yoast. Once installed, Yoast will show you how your SEO is looking on each page and post of your site. In addition, if your page could use a little SEO TLC, the plugin lets you know what to change.

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