Does this sound like you?

You’re frustrated because customers aren’t flocking
You’re stuck at why you’re not scaling
 You’re juggling so many strategies that your balls are all in the air

“Heck YES, I want to make $100k+ in my business!"

You knew that starting a business would be hard. But you didn’t know it would be this tough. 

But when you’ve never scaled a business before, why would you find it easy?

Just Imagine if you could . . . 


attract more of the right clients coming to you!


Increase your prices and sell more premium services!


Generate leads and grow your email list daily!


Create automations, funnels that convert and digital products!

The 6 Figure
Business Strategy


You’ll be armed with the tactics you need to smash the six-figure ceiling!

Successful and scalable businesses are created from consistent, careful and cohesive decision making. 

Working with an outsider is important, your mindset could be holding you back from achieving your true potential. Your business strategies might be missing that key component to skyrocket sales. Or it could be your marketing techniques that are stopping you from scaling. 


Together we Tackle



Mindset is the most pivotal tool used by business titans to boost their efforts and achievements. I’ll be your supporter, cheering you on.

Money Blocks

Confidence and/or Imposter syndrome

Prepare your mind for success!


Strategy & Accountability

I’ve got dozens of tried and tested methods up my sleeve. And I’ll be sharing them with you!

Create a strategy that is customized to your business, goals and overall vision. 

Empower your growth with accountability and tangible measures to move the needle forward. 

Have direct access to me every day via messenger, email and Voxer.



Marketing is the driving force for converting your audience from browsers to buyers. We’ll analyze what’s working well – and what’s not – for your business.

Google Analytics and understanding SEO and social interactions.

Track conversions and master your funnels and automations. 

Utilize your Facebook pixel to build up you warm audience, and target you hottest leads. 


Branding & Messaging

Your message is all about you. You’re the voice and face of your business so let’s make sure you’re targeting your audience.

Understand the science behind the message your branding is sending.

Ensure you are attracting you most ideal client. 

Discover the best messaging that converts your clients with ease, and has them reaching out to you as the expert!

Here is your Reality


Let’s face it, as a new business owner, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by conflict marketing advice.

In fact, even seasoned entrepreneurs struggle with them! 


And it’s not like you were taught how to create email automation and marketing funnels in school, right?

But WOW! That would have come in handy right about now!


Sometimes, it feels like you’re just throwing spaghetti at the wall and praying it will stick.

You want to stop winging it, and start winning 
 You want a trusty steed to guide you in the right direction 
 You want to feel in control of your business


Girl, I get it! Making your first $100,000 feels like a distant pipedream.

Let’s get you that dream life you’ve fantasized about. Let’s scale your business to heights you’ve obsessed about. Heck, let’s get you it all.


This 1:1 Coaching program is based on results NOT time! It could take 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, or 9 months. Either way, we WILL get there!

After hearing feedback and ultimately being able to put myself in the shoes of aspiring, newly launched, or leaders that were STUCK in their business, I felt a significant draw to create a solution.

I knew that the women I were coaching already were experiencing breakthrough and life changing results.

I knew that there were so many woman that feared investing in coaching because they weren’t sure what they were really going to get out of it.

So, the 6 Figure 1:1 coaching program was BORN!

The 4-1-1 on
the Guarantee

Weekly 1:1 Sessions


Here's what's you'll get...

Pick my brain and let’s get strategizing! In these sessions, you’ll get my undivided attention as we map out your business future and even implement anything needed to get your business to the next level!

1 Year Membership in the EPIC Marketing Academy


Grab exclusive tips, advice and monthly live trainings from me – for a full year, with access to my membership site, The EPIC Marketing Academy.

& Email access


Reach me anytime during office hours via voice messaging through the Voxer app (similar to a walkie talkie).  Plus get VIP response via email.

online scheduling


The client portal is where you can access everything from notes, links that are relevant to your business and track our to-do’s, milestones and more! 

$1,000 for 1:1 Coaching referrals you send in


Refer me to your network, and if a new client signs up, and you are the one that referred them, you get rewarded with $1000!

Help with implementation 


In addition to the coaching and all of the other "goodies," you will get up to 8 full hours of help with any implementation help you need.  Use these hours for funnels, design or other marketing related services!

a Note
From me. . . 

I started this program specifically for women that are driven, but just feel stuck, uncertain and maybe even a little scared.  

Girl, growing a business is scary enough as it is!  Working with a coach to help you achieve the success that you are aiming for shouldn't be a road block. 

This is how the 6 figure coaching program is different.  Instead of basing our partnership on time, it's based on results!  Let's do this!

Steps to Get Started




BOOK YOUR 20 MIN Call with me to talk about your business


Pay your investment in Full or opt in to a payment plan


book your kick off session and start growing your business

Investment and Payment Plan Options


Pay in full



3 monthly payments


per month




per month

best value

You've got questions...

I've got answers...


All calls are via Zoom.  It's a FREE download that allows us to record the calls or video conferences and also allows screen sharing for prime teaching moments!

How do you guarantee $$?

When you enroll in the 6 figure program with a guarantee, you are responsible for ensuring you are "showing up" and doing what you are committing to do on a weekly basis.  If you do that, you get me!

How do I pay?

You can pay your investment with a credit card or may choose to mail in a check.  I also accept Paypal. 

What is the client portal?

The client portal is our space to keep track of any notes, recordings, files, etc. It is also a place for you to find your booking link to book your 1:1 sessions.

How long are the sessions?

The first kick off session is typically 2 hours.  Following that session are 45 min. sessions and you may also request quick 15 min. sessions as needed, pending availability.

How can I use voxer?

Voxer is a great way for us to communicate, to bounce ideas off of me, and to ask me any questions that I can answer you directly.

What is the membership?

EPIC Marketing Academy is the monthly membership that I offer.  I teach key trainings each month on topics related to marketing and business growth.  You will get 1 year access with your 1:1 coaching.

Do you have templates?

Absolutely!  I don't want you getting stuck over marketing emails, sales copy, creating a freebie/opt in, or designing attractive social posts.  

What if I have more questions?

Simply email Ashleigh @ coachingwithashleigh dot com and I'll respond with any other questions you have or you may book a call with me!

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