I could go on and on about all of my experience in marketing, or how I became a business coach after several requests from female entrepreneurs,.  I could then add in all of the different ways you can work with me, but behind ALL of that, is a person just like you!  

I run on coffee, podcasts and anything on audible.  My pet peeve are piles of shoes by the front door, dishes in the sink and wet towels on the bathroom floor.  I am an avid animal lover, and my husband and I have 4 kids in the house, 3 of them are currently teenage boys (so, yes, we do a LOT of grocery shopping).  

My favorite cities are Nashville, TN and Charleston, SC, and one of the most fun parts about what I do, is that I get to work with and know so many different lady leading women, from all over the world!

And I LOVE coffee...

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When women approach me about wanting to start or scale their online business, there are several questions and points to consider before I just throw you a strategy or action plan. 

Having a business means something different to nearly everyone.  While success is the ultimate end result, everyone has a different journey that is based on factors around their lifestyle, current resources, mindset and confidence.  

Working with me provides female entrepreneurs the attention, services, resources and tools to skip past the guessing games, and take a detour right to the finish line!

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Community is a backbone to what you can expect from working with Ashleigh Peregoy, and the overall team.  Communication, networking, feedback and general questions are what our group members and clients get to experience.



When you work with Ashleigh Peregoy, you can count on knowing that each course, piece of content, membership and/or coaching program was curated to provide a results driven impact for you and your online business!



We hold a high standard to commitment to witness success in our clients.  It is for that reason that personal and group coaching programs have limited availability, but also why we also offer courses and templates you can use to grow your business.


because we value what you value

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fuel success into your biz?

Discover the different ways that you can work with me.  Options include 1:1, group programs, online courses and a membership.


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