Website Checklist from Ashleigh Peregoy

The way to increase traction to your site

Drive more traffic and convert more visitors to your site with this 10 point website, checklist. Have you heard of the phrase, “inbound marketing”? If not, it’s okay, I’ll break the meaning down to you briefly. In essence, it is the method in which an organic lead comes to know your business. The parts of […]

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Build your Ideal Customer

3 Steps to Attract your Dream Client

There are too many business owners falling short on capturing their dream client(s). No matter how new or experienced you are as an online business owner, we all know that worldwide online platforms are a melting pot of personalities, values, incomes and everything in between.  That being so, I consistently find that online business owners […]

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Marketing Tips for 2020

The #1 thing to add to your Marketing Plan

While planning out your marketing strategy, don’t forget this number 1 thing!

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