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Boundaries that are NON negotiable for your 6 figure business

NON Negotiable Boundaries for your 6-figure Business

Does your ideal day involve jumping from task to task, answering questions via email, phone, and DM, all while scattering your energy from client to client? 

Of course not!

And this is precisely why boundaries are important, not only for your business, but also for your sanity. A bonus? You’ll be able to enjoy your coffee while it’s still hot. 


My most recent podcast outlines the 4 KEY BOUNDARIES necessary to set a standard for your business, establish clear client relationships, and keep your conversations meaningful!

Here’s a quick recap, but be sure to check out the Podcast for all the juicy details:

  1. Accessibility. Set an automated response time for all forms of communication whether it is an email, text, or something else. In my experience, 24-48 hours is plenty, and doesn’t involve you dropping everything to respond right away. It also sets the tone so your clients don’t expect you to be at their beg and call. If you do end up responding before your set time frame, you’ll make your client feel like they are quite special.
  1. Say no to the “Quick Call”. Even with a team of 7 women, we do not have the capacity to take “quick calls”. We all suspect and know, nothing is ever quick. The best approach to this is to think about how the client would feel if you did the same thing. Have a calendar scheduler at your fingertips to send out. This ensures clients can reach you during the time that YOU have designated as available. 
  1. Don’t submit to the “quick small changes” . This is a big one, especially if you are a creative web designer or ad designer! Educate your client on what it actually takes for you to make changes to their platform. Make it a non negotiable that you won’t stop what you’re currently doing and shift your focus. A constant shift in tasks is proven to make you feel more drained then focusing on one task at a time.
  1. Know your worth – set pricing boundaries and keep them! You probably have one or two special clients that you feel bad charging them more, or worry about setting a higher price. However, remember that as your business grows, so do your expenses. Smart business is being mindful of the VALUE of your expertise. Make sure your pricing is priced appropriately for the skills of your business. 

Put these 4 KEY BOUNDARIES in place and your business will be set up for success. PLUS your clients will have a clear understanding on how and when they can expect communication from you or your team. Automated forms, client portals, and set responses on DMs allow the client to feel heard. It also gives you time to reply in a meaningful and organized way. 

Don’t forget to listen to the whole Podcast Episode so you can’t put this practice into play (and enjoy a hot cup of coffee that hasn’t been reheated 16 times).

Looking for more ways to streamline and automate your business? 
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February 3, 2022

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