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The 5 Stages of Business and Moving the Needle

I‘ve identified the 5 stages of your business.

And, I’ll give you some ideas on how and why they keep circling back around (and why that’s a good thing)! 

Think of this…a lot goes into making your perfect cup of joe. You’ve thought about what temperature you like your brew, you’ve added in cream and sugar, you MUST have that dash of cinnamon on top… and then BOOM


You get a craving for a new pick me up. You go back to the drawing board and revamp your go-to latte. 

The same thing happens in business!

Step 1:


Take a moment and think back to where you started from. That point where your business was just a little bean waiting to be turned into your perfect drink. This step is very important, it’s the light bulb flickering on! And don’t ever underestimate how far you’ve come… give yourself credit where credit is due!

Step 2: 


Here’s where you very much recognize that there is something more you could be doing. You’ve dreamt up ideas about what you want to create, who your clients might be, and envisioned what your life could be like. 

Step 3: 


Drip drip drip! Your coffee is being made!  You’ve taken a big step towards your new idea and put the wheels in motion.

Step 4:


All is smooth – you’ve taken your action, the mugs are filling, and you are keeping the momentum rolling forward with new ideas!

Step 5:


Something didn’t work out, and you start to revert back to your comfort zone. This happens to everyone! This is your big opportunity to go back to the things that DID work and restart your process. This allows you to pinpoint where you got stuck and work through it. 

All these stages are crucial to moving the needle forward, none of them can happen without the other! If you are always stuck in one stage nothing will change. 

Don’t ever be afraid to take a step back to get to your next milestone. If you’re not challenged, you’re not doing it right! 


I share these five steps because I want to help you pinpoint where you might be in your business journey. I also want to educate you on what your next step should be.

And remember, I’m here to help if you need some guidance from a business coach. We can dive in together to talk through the stage you might be stuck in. If you need an extra boost to fire up your future, our FunnelBrew VIP days are also a great way to contemplate what your next steps of your business could look like!

If you happen to be stuck in Step 4 (Maintenance), make sure to check out all the services our Funnel Brew team offers. We will make sure you have stellar sales funnel in place to automate those income generating ideas!

January 28, 2022

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