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5 ways to sell more of your coaching packages instantly!

We are all busy bees as entrepreneurs, and we know our time is valuable. 

Tired of waiting around for a sale to come through? 

Check out my latest podcast episode on five tips for boosting sales of your coaching packages instantly! 

Tip #1

Don’t be scared of the niche. Embrace it! When you know exactly who you are talking to and exactly what you can solve, it is a game changer… and will bring the clients straight to you! Your specific expertise makes it a no brainer purchase for the client because they don’t need to shop around when you have what they want! 

Tip #2

Prep your sale! Be transparent in your pricing, make clear and concise statements about what you are and are not offering, so the client will know exactly what they are getting into. Save them time by outlining what they get with their purchase and you’ll have them clicking BUY! sooner rather than later. 

Tip #3

Another tip that works great with my sister company, FunnelBrew, is to create a sense of urgency for the client. Maybe you’re booking up fast, or your deal is expiring soon – get the client to take action now so they don’t miss out on your valuable coaching sessions. 

Tip #4

Focus on your hottest leads. Use your technology. Use your data from your email marketing platform to see who is opening, who is clicking through, who is clicking but hasn’t yet reached out. These are the clients who got sidetracked or are also really busy. You may have ended up on their back burner. Reach out to these leads with a personal email. You’ll entice them to not just be interested in what you have to offer, but also make the purchase. 

Tip #5

Lastly, let your clients who know what they want skip the ‘hoops’. Yes, I’m talking skipping through the masterclass, the webinar, maybe even the sales call. Allow them to at least put a deposit down if they are ready to work with you. Removing hurdles from your funnel or even an email offer can lead to faster sales. Or, simplify your hoops. A short application will allow the client to tell you what they want. You can see right away if they are a good fit. 

I hope these quick tips bring you even quicker sales! Your clients are out there, and they are ready to purchase. Make it easy for them to sign up and get going with all you have to offer. 
Check out the full Podcast episode here!

February 4, 2022

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