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How to Create Accountability Without A Constant 1:1 Requirement

keeping 1:1 clients accountable

Today I’m sharing the secrets for teaching your clients to create their own accountability whether it’s a 1:1 or scalable offer. 

What’s the saying? Give someone a latte and they’re caffeinated for a few hours, but teach them to make a latte and you’ve given them energy for life? It must be something like that… 😉


It’s never a good feeling when a client comes back to you and says ‘this just didn’t work for me!’

Here are 5 easy things you can put in motion to keep your clients on track (and accountable):

  1. Only allow access to your offer one module at a time – require completion of a task before allowing them access to the next step in your offer. 
  2. Create homework – ask the client to take action on what they’ve just learned. This could be through a quick summary or even a small quiz so they can reflect on what they were just introduced to. 
  3. Track their completion – when you make sure they fulfill steps in a sequence, it allows them to be successful in the future steps. 
  4. Set up automatic reminders for yourself – emails, text, something that notifies you of what step your client is on and double checks they are on the right track.
  5. Ask your clients to come up with three ways they have already tried to problem solve on their own – seeing what they have tried allows them to take some responsibility and allows you to really figure out what they should do next.

Accountability with your clients lessens the hand holding you need to do and gets them thinking on their own – both key aspects of success for you and your client! 

Which of the above steps will you try first?

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January 28, 2022

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