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The difference between an offer that sells, and one that SELLS OUT!

Are you tired of putting together enticing offers for clients that they just don’t seem to be biting on?

There are simple steps you can take to make sure your sales offers are 


problem solving,

and actually generate sales!


The first step is to identify the problem that you want to solve for your audience. Here’s the thing, a lot of businesses want to be everything for everyone, but this actually creates confusion and excess work. So trust me here, you won’t be narrowing your range of reach. Instead, you’ll be targeting the client who is looking for exactly what you’re offering. Think hard on what is the purpose behind your offer – what is it solving? What is the solution? And who is it for? Becoming super clear and super niche helps interested clients realize that what you are giving them is exactly what they’ve been looking for. 


Your second step is to take a look at the bigger picture of your offer. Put yourself in the shoes of your client. Is the offer skimmable? Or is there too much fluff that ends up losing value from what you want to problem solve. A skimmable offer should be straight to the point to help your audience latch on. It’s an idea that this is exactly what they need and will reel them in for purchase. 


Next, identify the benefits and features of your offer. The benefits are what draws the client in, and the features follow in order for the offer to make sense. Try listing the benefit first! For example, more followers on social media, and list the feature immediately after it. As a result, more followers lead to a bigger audience reach. Pairing the benefit and features of your offer in the same column or sentence helps the reader connect the dots.


Finally, my last tip might be the one we forget the most. Here it is, your client wants to solve ONE problem. A streamlined, efficient solution is going to convince them that your offer is the one they need. Moreover, bonus offers are great, but they must be in line with the original solution. If someone is looking for help with Facebook marketing, don’t use an email blast as a bonus. Stay on track within the realm of the Facebook world. 

First, clarity in the purpose of your offer?

Second, a quick skimmable outline of your offer with keywords?

Third, a listing of the benefits paired with the features you’re using to help solve their problem?

In conclusion, can you create a bonus that draws your client in for more that is along the same line as the original offer?

Check. Check. Check. Check!

And just like that, it looks like you’ve got yourself an offer that will SELL OUT quickly. As you work on scaling your offer, you’ll also want to make sure you have a working and successful funnel.

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December 31, 2021

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