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Let’s Talk NFTs (web 3.0 part 2)

NFTs are a hot and trending topic.

These non fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital forms of art, audio, or really any form of a creative expression.

NFTs are created once and cannot be duplicated. 

Creative entrepreneurs are using NFTs as a way not only to spark and inspire others. They are also used to with set up a financial space in the digital world. Most people are buying NFTs from people that they admire. Or perhaps it is a work of art that speaks to them. Some buy from people who they want to own a piece of their signature creative pieces. Once an NFT is sold, it continues to build value. An NFT will create royalties that sends a cut back to the creative entrepreneur. 

So should you buy an NFT? Of course, it is up to you. You should definitely do your research. You’ll need a form of crypto currency to make a purchase. If you’re a creative artist – learning how to build and where to sell NFTs is also something worth looking into. We are still in the early stages of our virtual art collections, so now is the time to learn more, get creative, and figure out if NFTs are right for your future. 

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January 14, 2022

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