This is the year that will change EVERYTHING.  This will be the year that goals become reality, visions get super clear, a strong team is born, and a foundation for scaling with consistency is escalated in your business.  This will be the year that you stop playing "Sole Entrepreneur" and start wearing your CEO hat.  

How do I know? . . . I was "you" 3 years ago, and a hunch tells me you wouldn't be reading this if you weren't craving more out of your business, without "it" requiring MORE of YOU.

Side note -- Your goal should be beyond this, but this level of income is a milestone that will keep you moving towards the ultimate goal of 7 figures+.

Ready to experience the Reality of Consistent $40k + Months!?

Because this program has "over delivery" built into it - and it's not called the "accelerator" for no good reason!

A team, a high converting sales funnel, a network of like minded women PLUS coaching is all included!

The idea of hiring a team scares you, and you can't help but think "nobody can do it like I can." 

Deciding which strategy is right for scaling is easy, but actually making it happen seems out of reach.

You struggle with trading time for dollars, aren't charging enough for what you are doing and feel like you work yourself silly, with little to no "freedom."

Feeling all over the place, torn in multiple directions and have nearly hit a brick wall. 

You're done feeling fed up that no matter how hard you try you just can't seem to get to the next level . . 

Let it go . . .

Scale your business into multiple 6 figures without trading more time for dollars. 

Unlock the barriers that are keeping you from next level success, that you may not even realize. 

Stop playing small and start being the CEO lady boss that you thought you would be by now. 

Experience the freedom to go on vacay without feeling like balls drop the minute you pack your toothbrush. 

You're ready to stop settling for 'ok' and level up so you can finally . . . 

There's another way...

Fall 2021 $500k Accelerator Mastermind


Stop settling, and start doing the work that will get you to $500k+.
  This isn't just a business you're building, it's a legacy. 

Your legacy as a female entrepreneur can only be experienced when you choose to overcome the hurdles that are blocking you from the full potential that awaits! 

legacy status

It's time to stop holding yourself back from 

Access to all programs that I release over the next year, including Funnel Brew School, which is a $5000 program in itself! ($15,000 Value).

4 VIP Days for the team to work on anything you need in your business ($6700 Value).

Quarterly Coaching Intensives with yours truly ($10,000 Value) plus Monthly Group Coaching Calls. ($30,000 Value)

Private Slack channel with access to my entire in-house team of experts to ask questions + get feedback whenever you need it. ($6,000 Value)

You'll receive

Inside the $500k Accelerator

Running ads for lead generation or sales.
Hiring team members and delegating tasks to the right people.
Balancing work, life and relationships. 
Creating products, offers or programs that are priced to sell and are exactly what your audience wants!

Topics may include:

Each month members will get together for a virtual coaching session via Zoom with topics that will be tailored to the groups most desired needs.  Each monthly session will include a workbook, templates and tools to help you practice and master that specific skill.  

with Ashleigh Peregoy

Monthly Coaching 

90 Min. 1:1 with me via Zoom (recorded)
A summary follow up email with any action items/notes. 
A homework assignment to keep you aligned and accountable.

Each Session Includes:

For 90 min. each quarter, you'll get a 1:1 session with yours truly to dive deep into your business.  This is a great time to map out an upcoming launch, touch on any issues with hiring/delegating, work on any mindset blocks, or tackle a specific goal.  

Each quarter

1:1 Coaching Intensives

Create a sales page for your program.
Nail down copy that converts leads like crazy.
Create your next social media posts, blogs or emails.
Get you booked on Podcasts or Fill your upcoming Summit with guest trainers!

Here are some ways you might use your VIP Day(s): 

Your membership inside the Rooted for Riches $500k Accelerator includes 4 VIP Days for All Access to 3 of my Team Members to work on anything in your business.  These team members have been with me for years and know "the business," are experts in marketing, design, copy and productivity.  ENJOY!

My team is all yours!

VIP Days 

In-house designer specializing in websites, sales pages, social posts, ads and PDF
Automation + Tech Expert
Facebook, Pinterest and GoogleAds guru.
Productivity and delegation Ninja! 
Copywriting queens that are obsessed with copy that converts!

Checkout the team experts: 

As an active member you will get all access to every tool and course (including Funnel Brew School, which is a $5000 course) I create for the entire 12 months of this program.  In addition, you will be invited to an exclusive SLACK channel where you can ping anybody on my team to ask them questions or get feedback.   

To my team, toolkits and courses

All Access Pass

So even before we work together, I already know that you are driven, but I see too many amazing female entrepreneurs give up too soon.  They hit a roadblock that causes them to freeze, and eventually close the door on their dreams.  

I want your story to be different, but it's 100% your decision that will wake up that next level vision!

Good news - where you are at right now in your business was a milestone in itself, but you made it happen.

I'll get you to $500k


Monthly Payments

12 Monthly Coaching Calls ($30,000 value)

Quarterly 90 Min Intensives.  ($10,000 value)

4 VIP Days ($6700 value)

All Access Pass
($15,000 value)

BONUS 1: $5000 Savings

BONUS 2: All expense paid VIP weekend Retreat (location TBD)

12 Monthly Coaching Calls ($30,000 value)

Quarterly 90 Min Intensives.  ($10,000 value)

4 VIP Days ($6700 value)

All Access Pass
($15,000 value)


1 payment in full of

Pick the plan for your $500k year!

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The location is to be determined, as I'm going to let the members choose from a selection.  When you pay in full, your expenses (including room/board and meals are all included). Those that choose to enroll in the payment plan will also be invited on the retreat, but will be billed accordingly (if they wish to attend). 


Yes, this is the ONLY coaching program I'm releasing for the year, so other than my team and my handful of 1:1 clients, I'm dedicating these 12 months to you and your success!  You can reach me via Slack, Voxer or email during my business hours. 

Will I have access to you? 

You got it!! A funnel is what you need and the team and I are going to support you in creating one that can get you to figures you wouldn't believe (passively!).

I don't want to do more 1:1 work, will this program help me scale with passive income?

YES! This is a perfect program for you and one that will change things for the better for your business, and your personal life too!

I have good income in my business, but it's not consistent, is this for me? 

Sadly no, BUT, I am "human." so if you don't feel suited to get there after 90 days, you are free to leave the program without penalty.

Can you guarantee I'll get to $500k?

In case you were wondering...


Monthly Payments


1 payment in full of

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