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The top 5 mistakes creative entrepreneurs make when creating offers that they can scale

A scalable offer allows you to expand and grow your business while also minimizing operational costs. Jeopardizing your ability to scale can lead to poor time management, burn out, and a rush to find a quick solution or patch. 

Fortunately, we’ve got five tested tips to help you and your business create successful scalable offers!

TIP #1

The first and most important mistake is thinking that technology is not your friend. Get comfortable with a system that is established, and trust your data. Tracking your data – whether it’s email marketing, google analytics, or facebook analytics – will allow you to see what’s working and what’s not. Technology can be automated, so you can focus on other aspects of the business at the same time. Making sure you choose the right program for YOU is important! Sometimes paying a higher fee for more capabilities allows you to expand your data tracking and might turn a long tedious task into something already done for you! 

TIP #2

What’s the second mistake we as entrepreneurs make? Giving up too soon!

A scalable offer is one that needs to be able to sell as many as possible – and this almost never happens overnight!

An amazing scalable offer will take time to connect with the client looking for you. Hang tight, gradual sales are still sales. 

TIP #3

Something we are all guilty of is trying to show up in too many places at once. Extending your offer across multiple platforms can be time consuming and drive you crazy. Unless you have a strong team that is knowledgeable in several areas of the business – focus your content on one or two platforms. Such as, facebook and instagram- and really get it right. Doing one thing right is more effective than doing ten things halfway. 

TIP #4

Next mistake we get stuck making is always trying to do a live launch. A live launch commits you to being attentive to your data 24/7. You’ll be watching all the clicks, opens, and maybe even having to recreate the wheel every time you launch. Remember – patience is key and you’ll be more effective if you’ve focused your time and attention on find the right customer for your offer. 

TIP #5

Last but not least, is the mistake of allowing yourself to compare your success and offers to others. Your offer is distinct to you, and your audience is looking for YOU and your business. You’re the expert on what you have created – stick with your offer and you will find the right customers. 

Success doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your time and energy – create your scalable offer and avoid these common tendencies, and you’ll quickly be on your way to sales, sales, and more sales! Need help figuring out how to save even more time and energy? Check out our FunnelBrew

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January 7, 2022

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